used car spare parts price list

Used Car Spare parts list with Price

There are the list of the used car parts available when needed. It is the list of A to Z almost all part of car but sometimes all parts will not be available and prices also can be changed as per the availability and demand of the parts.

Part NamePrice
A/C Compressor$40
A/C Condenser$30
A/C Dryer$10
A/C Evaporator$20
A/C Line$10
ABS Controller$40
ABS Module$20
ABS Module Elec$20
ABS Sensor$10
Air Bag$40
Air Bag Module$25
Air Breather$10
Arm Rest$5
Ash Tray$5
Axle Front 4X4$150
Axle Front 4X4 w/brakes$190
Axle Front Straight$40
Backing Plate$10
Bell Housing$30
Block Heater$5
Block Heater Inline$10
Brake Booster$20
Brake Cable$10
Brake Caliper$15
Brake Drum$10
Brake Line$5
Brake Pad$5
Brake Pedal$10
Brake Rotor FWD$10
Brake Rotor RWD$10
Brake Shoe$5
Bumper Filler$15
Bumper guard$15
Bumper Reinforcement Bar$20
Bumper Shock$10
Bumper Strip$5
C.V. axle – each$25
C.V. axle per pair$50
Car Warmer$10
Carburetor 2 Barrel$40
Carburetor 4 Barrel$40
Cargo Door$45
Center Pillar$15
Centre Link$15
Centre Panel$10
Clutch Disk$15
Clutch Pedal$10
Coil Ignition$15
Coil Pack (Complete)$35
Coil Pack (Single coil)$20
Coil Spring$20
Connecting Rod$20
Dash Complete$55
Dash Lower$15
Dash Pad$20
Distributor (complete)$30
Distributor (Points)$25
Distributor Cap$5
Distributor Cap HEI$10
Distributor HEI$30
Distributor Module HEI$15
Dome Light$5
Electric Ignition Box$25
Electronic Spark Control$20
Engine Block$150
Engine Block & Heads$300
Fan Blade$10
Fan Clutch$10
Fan Electric$25
Glove Box$10
Hatch Assembly$35
Head Liner$20
Head Rest$5
Header Panel (Bare)$50
Header Panel w/ Composite Lamp$100
Header Panel w/ S.B. Head Lamp$75
Headlight Composite$40
Headlight Door$10
I-Beam w/spindle$35
Idler Arm$10
Inner Fender$15
Inspection Cover$5
Instrument Bezel$15
Instrument Cluster$35
Intake Manifold$35
Intake Manifold Plenum$25
Kick Panel$10
Leaf Spring$30
License Plate Bracket$5
Map Sensor$10
Marker Light$10
Master Cylinder$25
Mirror Rear View$10
Mirror Side View$20
Mirror Side View Power$25
Motor Mount$10
Moulding /Interior$10
Oil Pan$20
Oil Pump$20
Oxygen Sensor$10
Pedal Assembly$20
Pitman Arm$10
Power Steering Cylinder$40
Power Steering Pressure Hose$10
Pressure Plate$20
Proportion Valve$10
Quarter Extension$15
Quarter Glass$20
Quarter Panel$85
Rack & Pinion$50
Rad Cradle$40
Rad Hose$5
Radio AM/FM$20
Radio Cassette$25
Radio CD Player$45
Rear Axle$100
Rear Axle Carrier Only$75
Rear Axle Complete$120
Rear Axle Gears Only$60
Rear Axle Housing$45
Rear Axle Shaft$35
Rear Glass$40
Rear Glass Custom$25
Rear Glass Truck$35
Rear Glass Truck /Slider$45
Rear Glass Van$40
Rear Glass Van (Small)$30
Rear Straight Axle Bare$50
Rear Straight Axle without Rims$80
Ring Gear$30
Rocker Arm Assembly$20
Roof Panel$60
Roof Vent$10
Running Board – Alum$20
Seat Base Van$20
Seat Belt$10
Seat Bench$40
Seat Bucket$35
Seat Bucket pair$70
Seat Rear Car$40
Seat Rear Van$45
Seat Split Bench$45
Seat Track$15
Seat Track Power$25
Sending Unit$30
Sending Unit with Fuel Pump$50
Shifter Arm$5
Shock Plate$5
Shock Tower$20
Signal Lens Front$10
Signal or Tilt Arm$5
Signal Switch$15
Signal Switch Multi$25
Sill Plate$5
Spark Plug Wire$2
Speaker (aftermarket)$20
Speaker (factory)$10
Speedo Head$20
Spoiler Front/Back$35
Stabilizer Bar$25
Stabilizer Shock$10
Steering Box Manual$30
Steering Box Power$40
Steering Column Coupler$10
Steering Column Hub$20
Steering Column Non-tilt$45
Steering Column Shaft$10
Steering Column Tilt$50
Steering Cooler$15
Steering Pump$40
Steering Wheel$15
Steering Wheel w/airbag$60
Sun Roof$40
Sun Roof Motor$20
Sun Visor$5
Super Charger$140
Tail Gate$50
Tail Light$25
Throttle Body FI$30
Throttle Body FI w/Manifold$60
Tie Rod Assy.$10
Timing Chain & Gears$20
Timing Cover$15
Torque Converter$20
Torsion Bar$20
Trailing Arm$15
Transaxle Standard$150
Transaxle3 Speed Automatic$150
Transaxle4 Speed Automatic$150
Transfer Case$150
Transmission Auto 3spd$150
Transmission Auto 4 spd$150
Transmission Cooler$20
Transmission Manual 3 spd$150
Transmission Manual 4/5 spd$150
Transmission Mount$10
Transmission X- member$20
Truck Box (Bare)$175
Truck Box Side$75
Truck Cab (Bare)$150
Truck Cap$100
Trunk Lid$45
Turbo Charger$80
Valve Cover Aluminum$20
Valve Cover Steel$10
Vent Glass$20
Voltage Regulator$10
Washer Pump$10
Water Pump$20
Weather Stripping$10
Wheel – Mags or Aluminum$29
Wheel – Steel Rim & Tire 12”$30
Wheel – Steel Rim & Tire 13”$30
Wheel – Steel Rim & Tire 14”$30
Wheel – Steel Rim & Tire 15”$30
Wheel – Steel Rim & Tire 16″$30
Wheel – Steel Rim & Tire 17″$45
Wheel – Steel Rim & Tire 6 or 8 Bolt$40
Wheel Cylinder$10
Window Handle$5
Window Motor$20
Window Regulator$20
Window Regulator Power$30
Windshield Split$30
Wiper Arm$5
Wiper Motor$20
Wiper Transmission$20
Wiring Harness Dash$20
Wiring Harness Engine$20
Wiring Harness Tail$10
Yolk & U-Joint$10
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